The SMJG-Alumni-Treff München

calls itself "JungeSMünchen" ("Young SM Munich"), allowing us to create our own website and thereby connect more easily with the BDSM scene in Munich.

Who is who…

SMJG München? JungeSMünchen...? Why JungeSMünchen? Who are these Alumnis?

JungeSMünchen is synonymous to the "SMJG Alumni" meeting in Munich – meaning it is intended for all those who are (or feel) too old to join the SMJG itself. The SMJG Alumni meetings expand the concept of the SMJG – offering a safe meeting place for young people interested in BDSM – to young adults up to their late thirties.

JungeSMünchen is not intended to be confined to former members of SMJG but instead caters to all young BDSM practitioners (or those interested in it). In order to be able to distribute information such as workshops more easily, we have created the website, calling our munch the same in the process.
In addition to our "traditional“ monthly meeting, we have started to offer several more regular munches.

JungeSMünchen – About us:

We meet on the last Friday of every month at 7.07 pm. The location changes from month to month; being on our mailing list or just asking us is enough to get all the necessary information. Our meetings tend to be "unbound", but from time to time distinct topics are discusses as well.

The SMJG-Treff München

The SMJG in Munich meets the second Saturday of every month, starting at 6.00 pm in an ordinary café. We can be recognized by our mascot, the "False Richard", a flying dinosaur with orange and black stripes.

We tend to be approximately 20 people, but most people don’t arrive at 6.00 pm straight. This makes it easier to have more private conversations in the beginning, especially for those who haven’t visited us before.

The atmosphere is friendly and open-minded, and everyone can choose to talk about whatever he or she feels interested in. New faces are always welcome and tend to quickly become an integral part of our munch.

Women’s Munch

We meet regularly in a small round to talk with great openness about very different topics concerning BDSM, sexuality and being female. Everything can (and will) be discussed, especially those topics one didn’t dare to talk about in a larger / mixed-gender group. Although there is an official "theme of the evening", private (off-)topic talks are always welcome as well.


You are queer and interested in BDSM? Then queerSpiel, or queerGame in English, might be the right munch for you!

We meet once a month in order to spend an enjoyable evening in a nice small café, far away from clichés and prejudice. All between 18 and 39 who consider themselves queer are more than welcome to join our round.

At queerSpiel, we are especially happy about the active participation of all of us and our relaxing atmosphere which helps make sure that newcomers feel at home soon.

If you are interested, know that you are always welcome in our midst – staying true to our motto: Together different!

"jungeSMünchen - SwITcH..!"

In early 2014, we have started a new bi-monthly munch concerned with the topics "switchers" and "switching”, discussing questions such as:

Are switchers even REAL BDSM practitioners? How do you as a switcher find into your roles? Do you switch with the same partner? Do you play differently after you have switched? Are there still prejudices concerning switchers? And what’s so great about it – are switchers different, or do they simply have more fun? :P

We want to keep this munch open to everyone who sees themselves as switchers or who’s truly interested in the topic.

While we think about having certain topics for our next munches, the evenings are free for you to shape!

Rules for our munches

In order to have a relaxing evening, the following rules are non-negotiable:

Our munches come with age restrictions:

  • SMJG: Up to 27 years.

  • jungeSMünchen: Mid-20s to End-30s.

  • queerSpiel: 18 to End-30s.

  • SwITcH..!: 18 to End-30s.

What we would like to ask from you:

Have fun in meeting like-minded people.

Not everyone will like everything and everyone – still you should respect every single visitor of our munches.

We would like to see some politeness and sense of personal space.

Please behave as if every visitor were in a relationship. Nobody is "prey”. Flirting is fine, but really hitting on someone is not.

We are ordinary guests in everyday locations so please dress accordingly – no fetish wear!

Sexual actions and starting "playful BDSM sessions” are not acceptable in order not to alienate other guests or violate their personal space.

Taking pictures or filming during our munches is strictly forbidden!

We do not tolerate anyone who wants to perform (or is already performing) illegal practices.

Profit-orientated offerings will never be tolerated without explicit consent of the jungeSMünchen team.

Visitors who misbehave in a serious manner will be expelled – in extreme cases even permanently and without prior warnings.

If you notice anything going awry, please do not hesitate to contact one of us quickly and without worry. We will always have an open ear.

This also holds true whenever you want to heard, bei it a compliment or criticism. If you don’t want to reveal yourself, you can always comment anonymously on our website.

Please remind yourself that these rules hold true even online, especially when talking to us or other visitors of our munches on our mailing lists!

We are all looking forward to spending an enjoyable time without any cause for frustration. Thus we’d like to ask you to let your playfulness be accompanied by politeness and a sense of personal space. With these virtues you will always be welcome in our midst!